What is The Recovery Assurance Plan?

The Recovery Assurance Plan is an affordable pre-loss protection tool that aids policyholders in recovering proper settlements after covered insurance losses. 

As many policyholders know, after insurance losses, recovering what you are rightfully owed becomes a hassle and a non-stop battle. Too often policyholders are discredited on knowledge of their own property and even unaware that they are being taken advantage of. RAP eliminates all disputes in the settlement of insurance claims. Our licensed, bonded, and insured personnel begin protecting your property BEFORE THE LOSS OCCURS! 

This simple four step process gives policyholders peace of mind knowing they are in good hands after a covered loss.This allows policyholders to immediately focus on getting their lives back together without the unnecessary stress of haggling with insurance companies. We handle the fight for you! 

Step 1: Pre-Loss Service
Step 2: Post-Loss Service
Step 3: Damage Assessment
Step 4: Claims Handling

With this many years in the industry and seeing countless hard-working policyholders taken advantage of, our mission at The Recovery Insurance Plan is simple. Fair and proper covered loss settlements for policyholders nationwide. 


We represent you, the policyholder, every step of the way!