Claims Handling

After your damage is documented, and inputted into your Home Atlas, one of Loss Recovery, LLC's licensed public adjusters will negotiate and adjust the claim on your behalf. Having proper representation during this step of the process is vital to a fair settlement. We have seen too many policyholders get taken advantage of simply due to a lack of knowledge in the construction and claims handling process.

Our public adjuster's contract is short, sweet, and straight to the point coming directly off of the department of insurance website. No confusion, or fine print. We genuinely take pride in making you whole and returning your property to pre-loss condition.

The adjusting fee is an additional contingency fee based on your recovery. The law allows a 10% fee on recovered monies. However, RAP customers will get the same service and representation for a 5% fee of recovered monies. This is the most vital part of the package, and relieves policyholders of the day-to-day negotiating and delaying from your carrier. Our representation ensures that you, the policyholder, won't be bullied into accepting an unfair settlement.