Construction Consulting and Expert Services

Loss Solutions is a consulting company that focuses on the reconstruction of properties damaged by catastrophic events, such as hurricanes, tornadoes, fires, earthquakes, etc. Insurance coverage of these properties usually becomes an important factor.  We have offered a broad range of services identifying and assessing these damages and addressing rebuild recommendations.
A very strong construction and catastrophic re-construction background supports our ability to provide a complete construction expert service that is capable of properly assessing loss damage and developing the appropriate scope of work.  In most cases, we include a complete estimate that appropriately outlines the pricing associated with the geographic location of the loss. Since 1994, we have provided documentation and support in assisting with the negotiation of
many claim settlements.   We have successfully assisted clients through the mediation, appraisal, and arbitration processes of settling claims, as well as offering deposition and trial testimony when required. We have developed a variety of services related to many loss settlement issues nationwide.  We feel that our extensive construction and insurance loss consulting background offers the tools to provide a true professional service in this industry. Our services focus solely on our clients’ needs, whether large or small. Since particular needs almost always differ from claim to claim, we are capable of providing a custom service to address
your particular issue.