Home Atlas

The "Home Atlas" is the key component of your RAP package. Updated yearly, this helps to expedite your claim from a covered loss, and gives you the piece of mind, knowing that EVERYTHING you own is accounted for. Your "Home Atlas includes the following:

  • Annual pre-loss inspection
  • Documentation of all structural components 
  • Personal Property inventory (including serial numbers) 
  • Line-by-line estimate showing RCV as the property stands at that moment
  • Schematic drawing showing the floor plan 
  • Year round updates 
  • Access to digital and hard copies
  • Year round policy consulting

The RAP is designed to put policyholders at ease. When a life-altering event occurs, the last thing we want on your mind is fighting with your insurance company. We handle the entire burden start to finish. With the Home Atlas, there is no wasted time or stalling, debating on items that may or may not have been present before the storm. The pre-documentation the Home Atlas provides eliminates debate, expedites the process, and ultimately, recovers what policyholders are RIGHTFULLY OWED!