Post-Loss Services

After a covered loss, we want the last thing policyholders to worry about is handling the claim filing and initial contact. Immediately after the covered loss, the Recovery Assurance Plan guarantees the following: 

For large scale losses (hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, fires, etc) we will know damage and loss is inevitable and be reaching out immediately after the covered peril passes. For smaller, individual losses (kitchen fire, water burst, vandalism, etc.) our phone line will be available 24/7 and we will be in touch within 12 hours of initial contact. 

Once a covered loss is confirmed, we will contact your insurance carrier and file a claim on your behalf. This completely eliminates the hassle of being on hold for hours or trying to file a claim online when there is potentially limited to no services available. We want your focus to be on the things that matter, not being a number in line to your insurance carrier. 

A scheduled damage assessment ASAP with one of our disaster specialists document the loss.