Pre-Loss Assessment

STEP 1: Know your Coverage
STEP 2: Pre-Loss Property Assessment
STEP 3: Home Atlas Creation 

Step 1: Insurance policies are something that most all property owners have but not all property owners understand. The typical thought process is "pay my premium, get paid after a loss". Unfortunately, some agents simply will sell you policies based on their commission needs and not your property needs. Step 1 of the Recovery Assurance Plan is to review your policy(ies) and educate you on your coverage. It is all too common for policyholders to be over or under insured without any knowledge of what they are paying premiums on. 

Step 2: All personnel at the Recovery Assurance Plan have extensive construction and claim handling experience. Once we determine the coverage the you hold, we will send out an inspector to complete what we call our pre-loss assessment. in 4-5 hours we will have documented every structural component on the interior and exterior of your dwelling/business and the other structures. Having pre-loss photo documentation makes our case in point eliminating any debate from the insurance company after a covered loss. Most policy holders carry personal property coverage as well. After a major event, the last thing on your mind is trying to remember what brand television was in the living room and if you still have the receipt. Our inspectors will photo document ALL personal property and serial numbers (if applicable) thus allowing you the peace of mind knowing that you will be able to restock your property after a loss. 

Step 3: After your inspection, all of the photo documentation will be entered into our software and a "Home Atlas" will be created. Your atlas includes the following information:

  • All interior, exterior, and contents photos taken at your pre-loss inspection.
  • A software generated schematic drawing of your floor plan.
  • Scope sheets documenting all of your interior and exterior finishes and materials. 
  • Room by room inventory logs for all covered contents and personal property.
  • Pre-loss policyholder questionnaire documenting age and history of the property. 
  • Contract describing the services to be provided by the Recovery Assurance Plan. 
  • Items can be added to the Home Atlas at any time. For example, if you purchase a new television, send us a photo of the unit and serial number and it will be added immediately. The Home Atlas is updated year round.